Diamonds from Ashes

Diamonds from Ashes





Our Diamonds 

Carat (Size)

Size from 0,2 ct to 1.0 ct are offered with large size available upon special request

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Size 0.2Ct 0.3Ct 0.4Ct 0.5Ct 0.6Ct 0.7Ct 0.8Ct 0.9Ct 1.0Ct
Dia. 3.8mm 4.2mm 4.8mm 5.2mm 5.5mm 5.8mm 6.1mm 6.4mm 6.5mm
(the sizes of the diamonds in the above table are for reference only. size of the monitor screen may influence display)


The colors of the diamonds have a bluish shade depending on the amount of the boron element that is contained within the diamond. As different human beings are, the shades of the diamonds are just as distinct.


image Round Brilliant Cut Algordanza recommends the full round brilliant cut for the best brillance and sparkle.

image Rough Cut Our Algordanza Signature Diamonds are polished yet not augmented from their natural octagonal shape.                                                                              

Quality and Certification

By means of an enclosed certificate, Algordanza guarantees the 100% origin of the memorial diamond created from the delivered cremation ashes. Furthermore, Algordanza guarantees for the authenticity, weight, cut and color of the diamond. Every production step is accurately documented during the process. The document will be handed over together with the diamond in terms of a certificate as well as the protocol of the analysis. On request, a report from the Swiss Gemological Institute will be provided.

Laser Inscription

image The memorial diamond can be engraved in micro-scripture by means of laser inscription. Any text is possible with a maximum of 75 characters, (i.e. name and life data of the deceased). The inscription is only legible with a magnifying glass.


Once crystallized to the desired carat weight, the contents are then removed from the press and the natural diamond crystal is cut from the rough diamond if requested. The rough diamond is then cut down to the desired shape and then polished.

image Asscher

image Briliant

image Emerald

image Heart

image Princess

image Radiant

Diamond Box



image Custom Droplet Brilliant Round
Diamond Mounted In 18K Gold Droplet
image Custom Ring Princess Cut
Diamond Mounted On 18K Gold Ring
image Custom Ring
Heart Shape Diamond    
image Custom Pendant
Rough Brilliant Diamond
image Custom Cross
Brilliant Round Diamond Mounted On 18K Gold Cross
image Custom Pendant
Round Brilliant Diamond
image Custom Pendant
Emerald Cut Diamond Mounted In 18K Gold Pendant
image Custom Ring Round Brilliant
Diamond Mounted In Six Prong Ring Setting